‘Tatlubaaz’: Nargis Fakhri is All Set for Her OTT Debut!

  • Nargis Fakhri
  • August 9, 2023

After working her magic on the big screen in various movies such as Rockstar, Main Tera Hero, Shiv Shastri Balboa, and more, the gorgeous Nargis Fakhri is all set for her OTT debut soon. The actress has always been candid about how fascinated she is with the OTT space and what excites her most about the whole web space thing is how it lets artists push their boundaries.

The Actress’s Take On OTT

The stunning actress who will be seen along with Divya Agarwal, the Big Boss OTT winner, and Dheeraj Dhooper, the Kundli Bhagya famed actor, in the project called Tatlubaaz, said “Knowing that the OTT space has exploded with so much content, I was always very much curious about being a part of it. OTT content pushes boundaries and allows actors to explore their limits. Any actor including me would want to do that. Also there are so many different kinds of characters out there which is exciting. So you have more variety and I believe that’s the spice of acting.”

International actress

When the Azhar actress was asked whether this excitement is the outcome of cinema holding her back from displaying her true potential, the feisty bold beauty explained ‘’I just think that I fit certain characters better. So I got cast for those characters. They call it pigeonholing sometimes. When you see a character, an actor has played, and it fits them well, they keep getting those same roles over and over. But I don’t think it’s on purpose. It’s natural that humans enjoy seeing an actor play a certain role and so they keep getting those roles’’.

The beautiful woman in and out further said that repetitive roles never annoyed her as she enjoyed working in each of her films and she is truly happy that with the OTT platform now, there will be more content and a variety of characters to play.

Briefs About Fakhri’s Tatlubaaz

As per reports, Tatlubaaz will be shown on EPIC ON, the OTT platform from IN10 Media Network, and will be a pulp fiction show, produced by 9 pm films. Set in Varanasi, it tells the story of a notorious con man.

While the actress had a fun time shooting for it, what needs to be seen is how she is going to impress the audience this time!

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