Looking good in today’s world is a must! I mean, with social media such as Facebook, and Instagram we are constantly uploading selfies that we feel are our best photos. And If we feel a picture doesn’t look so great; we just filter that photo and move on our way.

Well, I am here to share a secret with you! My healthy home remedies will help to purify, detoxify, rejuvenate, and bring out that youthful beautiful glow not only for our selfies but for day-to-day life as well. So, lets throw away those filters and get sexy with some homemade scrubs.

The First item we need on this heavenly mission in becoming super gorgeous/handsome is:


Did you know that our skin loves caffeine? Huh?...Who would of thought that I could do more with coffee than just drink it!? Well as studies show, coffee helps to exfoliate the skin, improve circulation, and temporally reduces cellulite. In addition, coffee has anti-inflammatory properties and tightens your skin....YES LADIES! I said tighten your skin! Hooray, for coffee! Honestly speaking, I am unsure of how this works scientifically but, I know caffeine is known to restrict blood vessels which reduces swelling, and inflammation so say goodbye to those puffy eyes as your coffee grinds will reduce them for you.

Made By: Aliya Fakhri

I know what you are thinking now! You are thinking okay, I have the grinds but do I just rub this on my face and body? OUCH!! Of course not silly, we need to add another key ingredient and that leads me to the second item on the list:


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Whoa! Coconut Oil has so many wonderful properties that it goes back almost 3,000 years ago when used on the Indian Subcontinent for Ayurvedic Medicine. The main ingredient is called Lauric Acid, Which to my surprise, is also found in a mothers breast milk. Which proves the natural ability of immunizing, revitalizing, and keeping bacteria and fungus as far away from us as possible. Coconut Oil is a great moisturizer and when mixed with old or new coffee grinds it turns into a wonderful smooth, relaxing and most lovely scrub to revitalize our skin as well as, fight off bacteria that causes acne, blackheads, and all those other nasty little things we hate that pop-up on our face and/or bodies. Not to mention, these two items mixed together leaves your skin looking so healthy, shiny, and smooth so why would you EVER bother buying another facial scrub from the store that includes nothing but harsh chemicals?

So now we have our Coconut Oil + Coffee Grinds; fresh or used (TIP: Fresh grinds contain the most caffeine which our skin needs as we age). I can stop there but I have a few more items to help our skin become radiant. Can you guess what the next element might be?

If you answered LEMONS then you are correct!

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This tiny earthly fruit works wonders for our skin from natural chemical peels to being able to use it as a tooth whitener as well as, soothe our chapped lips by using it as an exfoliate. Lemon also helps to condition weak and brittle nails. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, along with Citric Acid so they help to brighten and lighten up our skin over time. I have rubbed lemon one my face many times and although it stings a bit...It worked. Lemon also has antibacterial effects to help prevent acne. Lemon can be used alone but I always mix it with salt or some homemade essential oils. However, if you feel like putting lemon on your face is a bit too painful for you then just make some lemon water. All that vitamin C helps to fight the damaging effects of free radicals. Lemon produces collagen which is essential in keeping our skin looking young, and free of wrinkles. Lemon has so many health benefits that whether you are placing it directly on your skin or drinking it; you absolutely must add this to your everyday life. Even, if you are just looking to boost your Immune System. When making the scrub you will have to add salt but you will have to keep reading in order know what type of salt to mix because I have one last item on my infamous homemade scrubs: LAVENDER

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Everyone knows lavender to be used in aromatherapy. No matter what type of spa I walk into there is always that beautiful, calming aroma of lavender. So this made me think, Hmmmm....if it is so good for us to inhale, which in turn relaxes us, then it must be good to use on our skin too....but how, and why? The first stop on my investigation on lavender was the Dictionary. I wanted to learn the origin of lavender and this is what I found: Lavender Is a Latin name and it means “to wash.” I went on a quest; interviewed doctors diligently while searching the Internet on finding out what make lavender so great? This is was my personal conclusion: Lavender is used to treat many skin disorders such any inflammatory conditions, psoriasis, eczema, blemishes, and wrinkles that we ladies want to stay as far away from as possible. Lavender is also know for speeding up the process of any wounds you may have on your face or body. It helps to disinfect your skin/scalp, relives nervous tension and enhance blood circulation which we need for oxygen thus, more oxygen = better skin and a more radiant glow. I know a few people who use it as bug repellent as well but, if you have been bitten before you applied this wonderful oil just add it to where it hurts and it will help to reduce the inflammation, and pain that come along with those darn bug bites. When asking questions and doing my research I realized lavender oils are used for so many different things. It was so surprising to me that I had to share this information with all of you. Now all of you must remember lavender is NOT CREATED Equally. There are some only for oral use and others to spread on your body, some for respiratory therapy use and on, and on, and on! If you all are interested, I have a reference site for you to go check out. This site breaks down what the chemical components of lavender are and what lavender you should use if their something specific you are trying to get rid of, fix, or just calm down The name of this site is:

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Finally, we get to the must needed ingredient for everything we discussed so far and that is: SALT

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Salt needs to be added to both the lemon and lavender scrubs to get rid of that dead skin, and so do we just use table salt or, do we need some special type of salt? That was the perplexing question of the day while writing this, and actually I learned we can use table salt! But why, you may ask? Because it is readily available ground so finely that it will not irritate or hurt our skin. However, after extensive research using my own face. I learned that sea salt, and Epsom salt are some of the most common salts used in all scrubs. The finer the salt the better it is at exfoliating your skin therefor, if you have Himalayan Rock Salt, Table Salt, or Epsom salt the common denominator still remains the same: that all salts should be ground very finely. You can combine different salts into one, if that make you feel better. When the salt is finely ground that is when you choose the carrier oil such as Lavender, Lemon, or Coconut Oil and each of these carrier oils provides a special unique experience for the face or body as explained above. I can go on and on about the fantastic effects of all the information I have given to you today however, you all have a wonderful beginners guide on making your own sexy homemade scrubs. Always remember what you put in your body is so important because: "You are what you eat!” What you put on your body is also very important because your skin is largest organ of our anatomy which protects us from anything hazardous. So why not go out of your way everyday to protect your skin with these easy formulas right out of your kitchen cabinet.. So ditch all those harsh chemicals and:


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