The Bliss of a Resort At One With Nature

After a long day’s worth of travel from afar, with very little sleep, I was ready to crash, once I arrived on the Thai island of Koh Kood...

Photo courtesy of Soneva Kiri

Now, I need my sleep… All my friends know this about me: I love my sleep. Yet, on checking into the five-star Soneva Kiri eco resort on a secluded part of the island, my friend Nikki managed to persuade me to stay up for a little, to scout around and take a look at everything they had to offer.

Nargis Fakhri in paradise...

First up, we were greeted by our ‘Ms Friday’ (a reference to the Robinson Crusoe story), who would be our personally assigned concierge/butler for the duration of our stay. She gave us our own private golf buggy, to get around this massive, yet sparsely populated, resort – perfect, I didn’t have to walk!

The Bliss of a Resort At One With Nature

Even down to the smallest details I was so impressed with the environmentally conscious approach that this resort took to hospitality, and it excited me enough to stay awake. Being immersed in nature, on this beautiful tropical island, made me instantly feel at ease. There is a very limited number of villas, compared to the size of the resort and all of the buildings are made of wood and bamboo, which meshes with the surroundings.

The Bliss of a Resort At One With Nature

The villa was gorgeous, overlooking a spectacular view of the ocean, with absolute privacy, which is so important, when you just want to escape the world and get away from it all. The interior design was really intriguing and original. I loved the leather upholstery and the furnishings that were made with a traveler’s eye.

One Bedroom Villa - courtesy of Soneva Kiri

The entertainment system was hidden within stacked trunks and everything looked like it could be packed up and sent off to the next exotic destination. We had our own infinity pools and a huge outdoor sala area and sun deck, an outdoor bathtub and two showers (one indoor and one outdoor). The bed was great and after exploring the rest of the resort’s facilities I took to it and slept, and slept some more!

Blue waters surrounding Koh Kood

Meanwhile, Nikki checked out the gym (had her daily workout) and spa, the open-air Cinema Paradiso screening times, the DVD library and activity center, as well as making good use of the wifi to get work done.

A hot bowl of 'Tom Yum Gung' at Soneva Kiri

Over the next four days, I enjoyed gourmet food, worked out a little, visited their private beach only accessible by boat, and went exploring, swimming and snorkeling, as well as just chilling by the pool in the villa. It was a really relaxing and rejuvenating stay, but also focused me, to get really productive with work; my mind felt sharpened and heightened in this serenely natural environment.

The Chocolate Room at Soneva Kiri

One of the many highlights of Soneva Kiri had to be the cuisine. Breakfast was a lavish buffet affair, where we’d sit for a few hours with our computers, take in the view and get work done. For dinner, I’d try their Thai food, which always looked and tasted delicious – who doesn’t love Thai food, with a gourmet twist?! We allowed ourselves one daily visit to the complimentary chocolate room and ice cream room. I felt like Charlie inside the chocolate factory!

Fresh Macarons in the Chocolate Room

Handmade chocolates and macarons were laid out every day in an attractive display (Easter themed, because of the time of year), and over 60 ice cream and sorbet flavours were listed on a menu to die for. Basically chocolate and ice cream heaven!

A little something from the Ice Cream Room

I could go on and on about the resort, but suffice to say I had an amazing time! If you’re curious to learn more, then take a look at Nikki’s more detailed blog (, and have a browse of the website – they apparently have resorts in other locations too, which I’m sure would be worth checking out… Who knows where I might end up next!

Nargis drinking fresh coconut juice in the morning...

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