All About Nargis Fakhris Musical Hit “Pyaase” and Its Overwhelming Craze!

  • Nargis Fakhri
  • February 28, 2023

Are you a fan of Nargis Fakhri? Impressed by the multitalented persona of this beautiful actress cum model who has a natural flare for singing? Then, you must be knowing how she stole the limelight this new year with the release of her currently trending music video titled “Pyaase”. Keep reading to find out more about Nargis’s experiences while shooting this video and how it has created quite a buzz on the internet. This stunning India based actress model, who’s also recognized as the best female actress for concert, has won the hearts of her fans once again with her sizzling dance moves in this MV.

More on the Soulful “Pyaase”

Doing a collab with Bohemia and Preetinder, Nargis has been seen to make a glamorous appearance in Pyaase, the music of which has been composed by Rajat Nagpal. The lyrics of this catchy song is penned by Param. Nargis has joyfully expressed how fun and amazing her experience was on the floor while shooting for this happening music video. We can’t forget to mention how this beauty queen has been getting highly positive responses for Pyaase as many fans seem to be encouragingly praising her iconic glam look in a shimmery silver dress and peppy dance steps in this video. Nargis is truly pleased to see song-lovers streaming Pyaase widely which has made her more excited and enthusiastic about this creative endeavor.

With the eventful release of Pyaase, the fans and admirers of Nargis Fakhri are even more thrilled to see her in her next MV or big screen appearance. The gorgeous Los Angeles based actress model has rocked her voice, charmed with her beauty and captivated all viewers of Pyaase instantly with her dance moves! So, don’t forget to stream it today!

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