A Look Into Nargis Fakhri’s Fitness Journey – From Hating Workouts to Loving the Gym!

  • Nargis Fakhri
  • July 21, 2023

Apart from her radiant on-screen presence, Nargis Fakhri is admired by fans worldwide for her candid personality and fitness devotion. The star recently shared on her Instagram her initial apathy for the gym that gradually turned into a habit that she now looks forward to after waking up. Keep browsing to know more on how this beautiful multi ethnic model stays so fit and motivated.

While most celebrities stick to usual workouts, Nargis likes to try out various equipment at the gym to bring variety to her workout routine. And this enables her to fulfill her fitness goals with determination and enthusiasm. From dumbbells and fixed exercise cycles to treadmills, Nargis explores a wide array of gym equipment to make her fitness regime fun and engaging. If you feel that hitting the gym is boring, take a cue from this energetic diva and have an amazing workout!

Dumbbells to Exercise Your Shoulders

Nargis promotes the importance of having strong shoulders and for this, she chooses dumbbells. Besides targeting the deltoids, this exercise nicely tones her shoulders, arms, and upper back. If you are a beginner at the gym, you can opt for versatile dumbbells and see how working with them makes your shoulders sculpted. Make an adjustment in weight as per your endurance ability after selecting your dumbbells to ensure a progressive workout session that will improve the posture of your upper body and enhance its strength, thereby, helping you attain a well-toned physique.

Exercise Bike for Stationery Cycling

Most of us love to cycle since childhood. So, it is a great idea to add stationery workout bikes to your gym routine. This is a low-impact cardio exercise that offers multiple health benefits. Doing this will burn calories, improve your cardiovascular functioning and strengthen your lower body. Adjust your resistance level to carry out this workout activity with convenience to fuel your training fire like Nargis!

Treadmills for Cardio Needs

A fitness program is incomplete without certain cardiovascular exercises and Nargis uses the treadmill to boost her cardiovascular endurance. Implementing treadmill workouts will assist you to experience high-intensity cardio exercises. Choose the incline and speed and challenge your limits continuously to improve stamina, burn calories and promote all-round heart health.

Back to Her Awe-inspiring Insta Post

Now that you have an idea about Nargis’s fitness routine, let us continue with what she said in her current post. Sharing how she first struggled with her gym motivation, Nargis speaks up about how the journey has helped her know in depth about the different training initiatives with weights; for strength; and for cardio. She has learnt so much about her body, heart rate and vitality of body parts that it empowers her. She shares that though there were up and down moments through this endeavor, the end was absolutely fulfilling! She encourages her followers by saying that even if one does not succeed at first, they should keep trying with their efforts without giving up. What can be more motivating than this?

It is quite fascinating how the girl who had to push herself to wake up in the morning and get ready for a workout session now is a hardcore fitness-enthusiast! Keep following this humble ethnic actress International with a fabulously toned body to get the confidence and motivation you need to engage in a fulfilling gym training performance for surprising results!

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