A Glimpse Into Nargis Fakhri’s Travel Life: The Activities She Loves Indulging In

  • Nargis Fakhri
  • August 31, 2023

The beautiful and talented Nargis Fakhri loves to travel. As much as she likes being a public figure, she is equally passionate about traveling. The leggy lass once said “I do not pay attention to fashion“, “I can travel anywhere with just a couple of outfits“.

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What Nargis Likes to Indulge in While Holidaying

Do you want a glimpse into her travel life so far? Want to know what she indulges in while traveling? Read on.

1. Nargis seems to have a thing for the wilderness. When you go through her Insta photos, you realize the feisty actress likes going on a night safari ride in the jungle.

2. The 43-year-old is into bike rides to get some cool, breezy air while enjoying being under the sun. It’s ‘fun combined with some exercise’! So cool! Isn’t it?

3. The gorgeous lady really enjoys being in places where you can see snow-capped mountains. A killer smile in a brownish-black ensemble said it all.

4. Fakhri likes to witness the grandeur of the historical monuments as well, as one of her pictures shows her strutting around a European town, absorbing the rich history of that place and marveling at the eye-catching architecture.

6. The actress always looks fashionable no matter what she wears. Posing in front of the camera in a simple black bodycon dress, light accessories, and casual shoes, she took the breath away. Well, maybe an all-chilled-out hangout with friends is what her plan is.

7. You can call the actress a big-time nature lover. She seems to be completely at home amidst nature, always grinning from ear to ear.

8. Going to mountain destinations, she loves to hike up. With a clear love for adventures, she looks stunning even at the end of it!

Her Favorite Breaks

The sexy actress believes that while you might need to pay an amount every time for travel, it earns you some memories worth remembering forever. Her favorite breaks include visiting Costa Rica as it is great for adventure and nature lovers, being in rainforests with unusual flora and fauna, and traveling to New Zealand as it has amazing tourism infrastructure.

If You Want a Recommendation From Her…

As for recommendations, she asks everyone to visit Greece once. According to her, if you want a great holiday, you will find everything there, from good food to amazing culture to unforgettable music to natural beauty!

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